Ferrero wine company extends for 35 hectares whose 21 are dedicated to the wine production and 10 to the hazelnut cultivation.
The vineyards are located along the gentle hills between the municipality of Mango and Trezzo Tinella, at an average altitude of 450 m above sea level, on south, south-east and south-west facing slopes.
The areas were the vineyards are located are:

Cardini: grapes Moscato (2,5 hectares).
Fiori: grapes Moscato (5.5 hectares).
Gala: grapes Moscato e Dolcetto (2.5 hectares).
Pautioni: grapes Chardonnay e Moscato (0.8 hectares).
San Donato: grapes Moscato (1.5 hectares).
Serrascura: grapes Moscato (2.5 hectares).
Volpini: grapes Moscato, Chardonnay (1.2 hectares).
Castellero: grapes Moscato, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo (3,2  hectares).
Levice: grapes Nebbiolo ( 0,7 hectares).

Ferrero wine company born of a passion of my great-grandfather Giacomo that settled his company in the small town of Mango, at the end of 1800 and began to vinify his own Dolcetto and Moscato grapes.

Thanks to the work and the care of my grandfather Luigi Pietro Michele and, after, of my father and his brothers, the wine produced give a reputation to the family and became the main company production so that at the end of 1940 the company was producing 200 quintals of grapes per year.

Despite the crises that have hit the wine industry during the last century and have forced the company to stop to vinify independently, the grape production has remained our core business.
To continue and improve this activity I have attended the school of winemaking, where I have acquired the technical knowledge and I have cultivated the dedication to this work working day after day with my family.
In 2002 I took over the company unifying all the land that originally belong to my grandfather and, since that time, I restarted to vinify and bottle the wines made from our grapes.
To manage the company a lot of energies are necessary but the enthusiasm that my family and I put in our work is immense and goes far beyond the role of entrepreneur. The wine we produce is the mirror of this passion.
To produce a good wine it is necessary to have good grapes and good wine growers: 120 years of experience in the art of wine growing and wine making represent the quality mark of our company.