Ferrero company owns ten hectares of hazelnut trees, tricorna type, Tonda Gentile Langhe variety branded by IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). Langhe have such ideal environment for the hazel growing that the Tonda Gentile is considered to be one of the best hazelnut in the world. The hazel implants are cultivated with agronomic knowledge and a mechanic equipment it is possible to have a very good production from qualitative and quantitative point of view.
We are also part of the "Agricultural Cooperation Corilanga" which promotes and sells both the raw product (hazelnut in shell) and semi-finished for ice cream shops, confectioneries, bakeries.

Hazelnut products:

  • Hazelnuts in shell
  • Shelled hazelnuts
  • Toasted hazelnuts
  • Hazelnut paste
  • Hazelnut grain
  • Hazelnut flour

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